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Three Hundred Sixty One: Kindred Friend

“We are kindred spirits, you and I… One day you will realize you don’t have to fight your nature. You can live your life freely… I want to be there when that happens.” – T.T. Escurel

Sunday, December 28th

Today I had a date with a dear old friend. She is older, more experienced, and has done more soul work and emotional and physical therapy to untangle life’s sorrows. She is a friend and a mentor. I wasn’t expecting our visit today to mean as much as it did.

We went to the farmer’s market to find a bottle of our coveted ginger beer. On our way to the pet store we ended up getting into a deep conversation in her car. Impromptu, we talked about our holidays. I started telling her about my brother and I let out a flood of emotions that I still have wound up inside about it all. It felt good to get it out, and I started to feel a sense of how I’ve closed off certain channels this year. Tai chi and qi gong have always helped me to move those energies around and through me, but over time they’ve just wadded up inside. Sometimes you just need to get the obstructions moving and then the rest just moves through on its own in due time.

It was a relatively short visit and we were both wiped out by the end of it. Baring my emotions is had work, and was it ever worth it. I feel clean. Does that even make sense? I feel clean from the inside out, like the real obstacles in my life were the words unsaid and the truths ignored. It was time to air them and move on. There are only a few people who I trust sharing my deep and honest truths, and I’m glad that my friend held my heart with gentle hands today. It’s hard not to feel like change is coming now.

What do you do when you need catharsis?


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Three Hundred Fifty Three: Cleanse

“Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.”  – Tori Amos

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”  – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Saturday, December 20th

I started this blog almost one year ago. Diving into cold new waters. Sweating my impurities out in the heat. Experiencing the physical realities and reflecting on the metaphorical meanings of these words. These times have come around once again, and the cycle brings up so many of the same thoughts with the same setting, the same protagonists, with a few new cast members.

In all the sameness, there is a need to flush it all out of me. My emotions. My experiences. My palate. My body. Let the easy stuff move first so that the sticky stubborn resentments will budge once there is enough force behind it. Get back to basics. Build up my new year with the essentials – the love of my family and a healthy body.

I feel it right now. Stress is manifesting itself – psoriasis outbreaks and insomnia. I know what has to be done to get back to my healthy space, and it requires passing on things that feel good to me like liquor and chocolate. I’m thankful that I even know where my healthy space is. That is the best first step. The action is to come…but I have a heck of a lot of chocolate to clear out of my cupboards first!

Do you start to feel the need for change at the end of the year? On Solstice?






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