Three Hundred Sixty: Calling Myself Out on My Own Bullshit

“Kindly remove your shoes from my bullshit.” – Jarod Kintz

Saturday, December 27th

Lately I’ve been a difficult person to be around. A combination of premenstrual syndrome, cabin fever, and a general lack of self-care adds up to not-so-nice. And I can explain my way around why I am justified to be this crabby or tired or achy, but at the end of the day I know that I’m letting myself get bunched up.

So I decided that when the kids were in bed that I would have a nice long bath. A therapeutic soak. I give thanks to water each and every day – something so seemingly inert is so utterly vital to our wellbeing. I laid down in the water and let go. Really let go. And my mind went where it needed to go as my body did.

I like calling myself out on my own bullshit. I have the validation of noticing the problem, finding the solution, and putting it into practice. It’s a very rewarding feeling. Now to follow through…

What external activities help you to get into the head space to call yourself out on your own BS?




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