Three Hundred Fifty Four: Instagram This!

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  – Albert Einstein

Sunday, December 20th

I hate apps. Or rather I load them all onto my devices and then get overwhelmed by the vast array of things they can all do and then delete them all because I don’t have the time to embrace their strengths, and how best to use them. But boy howdy, 2015 is the year I will champion using technology to keep me organized and creatively moving forward in life.

Take Instagram. Awesome. Photographs. However, my honest impression of Instagram is that there are a lot of people who curate their life visually on here to look much more interesting than it really is. And who wouldn’t really? A filter and a couple of effects can make the laundromat look gritty and edgy. Throw a filter on a selfie and all of a sudden, your virtual connections think you’ve lost weight and had a great new makeover. It’s all in the angle, baby. 

I’m cynical about it, yes. I just wish that we could all try to be less coiffed and a little more witty and original. What I see on Instagram feeds gives me the sense of a homogenous society that is striving to provide polished pictorials on successful modern living…and I don’t quite buy it.

So I’m challenging myself to dig into the app. I’m going to try a new concept for a blog next year and figure out how Instagram can support that. I will try to bust through some of my cynical impressions of Instagram, or I might be sucked into adding more content into the visual beast it is. Whatever it is, I’ll be a player and not on the sidelines.

What app do you dislike the most?


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