Three Hundred Forty Nine: Markers of Time

“Life’s markers are never just for one moment in time. Every event holds a key. Each builds upon the other and becomes an indicator towards a higher purpose.”  – Nikki Rosen

Tuesday, December 16th

My kids were getting confused when we were going over to their grandparents’ house to spend time with family, so finally I created an advent chain – linking strips of paper with quotes written inside about each family member that would be there. Seeing it hang up in my home, I am reminded of how time seem worlds away or all-too-fleeting without the marker there to refer to.

This blog has been a pleasant marker of time. Following the seasons. Capturing the memories. Revealing predictable cycles in family life. Next year, I will find a new reference point. Something to guide me in reflection and gratitude moving forward.

How do you mark time?


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