Three Hundred Fifty: Another 40

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 17th

There are several birthdays that are etched on my mind, now and forever. My parents’, my older brother’s, and several friends’. Today is the 40th birthday of a dear friend from high school…that giggly friend who let me be nerdy, funny, dorky, sober, and serious in my adolescence. I often don’t give her enough credit for helping shape who I am today, but today I nod my head in her general direction.

When I knew her, she was plucky. She and I weren’t the sort of teenage girls that drank into oblivion on Saturday nights with the cool guys. We watched hockey games, went out for dinners, and debated whether Snapples or Peach nectars were better while getting junk food at the local gas station. We allowed our “maturity” to come to us slowly, and I think we had much more silly fun in the process. There was certainly no race to grow up. We met after I suggested we use “The Jungle Book” for a yearbook theme. Ha!

Now we are both married with our respective two kids, house, and cats. On a practical day-to-day basis, we really don’t talk very often but she is always one of those people I will wish well.

Whose birthday do you remember every year?


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