Three Hundred Forty Seven: A Stranger Stranger

“Smile at strangers and you might just change a life.”  – Steve Maraboli

Sunday, December 14th

Today was a birthday party day – both kids, costumes, and an enchanted yoga birthday party. It was for the daughter of a relatively new friend, but someone who has become quite dear and irreplaceable quickly. So when we arrived early, I went ahead and helped her set up. If I just kept my head down and my mind focused on helping then I wouldn’t feel nervous over being a stranger in the group. And a stranger stranger at that.

I went into full-on chatty mode. I knew my friend’s husband was on the quiet side, so I did all the talking. I don’t know if I’m more comfortable in my skin than I let on, or if I did this out of nervousness – but it didn’t seem to put him at ease. Lately I’ve really been trying to remember the phrase, “What others think about me is none of my business”, and keep on my merry business. I know that I will never please 100% of the people who I meet, but I can share the joy that I have and act from a point of authenticity.

I feel that as I age, I feel more comfortable being around other people I don’t know. I might not be the most socially graceful person in the room, but I know that these little expressions of friendliness can contribute to a friendlier world and my own happier life.

How do you act around strangers?


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