Three Hundred Thirty Eight: The Value of a Good Doctor

People are beginning to realize that it is cheaper and more advantageous to prevent disease rather than to cure it.”  – Henry Lindlahr

Friday, December 5th

I have tried to consolidate my family’s care closer to my neighborhood – dentist, chiropractor, pediatrician, and general doctor. I started seeking recommendations for pediatricians from other parents. I followed some of the leads and they never landed on a provider that seemed worthy to switch to, so we’ve stayed with the same provider my kids have had since birth. I’m happy about that. She’s a kick-ass doctor, and a good human being all around.

During the kids’ appointments, I was reminded of why we’ve appreciated her care over the years. She is personable in the way that old family friends are; I am welcomed with a hug every time I see her. It had been a good long while since I’d taken the kids in for a checkup, but they were more than happy to hop up on the table and answer all her questions.

She addressed the couple of concerns that we had over our kids health, and offered natural remedies as an alternative/pre-cursor to more traditional western medicines. I love this because then I leave with an understanding of what I can turn to in the future instead of antibiotics and steroids.

Do you have care providers you trust?



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