Three Hundred Twenty Seven: Conference

“Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.”  – Maggie Gallagher 

Monday, November 24th

I am still new at this being-a-parent-to-a-school-age-child thing. I’ve only had the experience of working directly with one teacher to one of my children…and honestly, my daughter and I hit the jackpot. She has a great teacher. One of those special people who grasp the importance of holding the whole child – their aptitudes, their interests, their emotions, and all their little quirks – to help them advance and progress as a growing person.

My husband and I felt like our daughter had advanced, but we were unsure of what her teacher would say. Now I know that Parent-Teacher conferences are an Art and a Science – a mix of the cold hard facts of skill development and an explanation of how a particular child is doing socially in the classroom, none of these reports delivered with judgment or blame or tone. All of these things can send a worrying parent into a meltdown.

This one hour with her teacher gave us so much insight into our lives – as grown up children, as parents, and as observers to our children’s behavior at home. Perhaps it shouldn’t have felt so much like therapy, but the core of my day-to-day is ensuring my children continue to build lives based on an awareness of their world and of their own happy and healthy hearts. I have invited adults into my children’s lives and in the case of my daughter’s schooling, she has a teacher who cares about her deeply. I am seeing that her teacher has insights that help me develop my skills as a parent, and for that I am so grateful.

Do you value public education?


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