Three Hundred Thirty Two: Family

“Family – an anchor during rough waters.” – Unknown

Saturday, November 29th

Our Friday arrival into a new city was marked by the drama of the gale winds. The rest of the day was thankfully very relaxing. My husband and I walked around the city hand-in-hand and enjoyed, perhaps, one of our best dinners out together at a lovely vegetarian restaurant. We even savored a nap in the middle of the day.

Saturday was marked by a different-but-equally-relaxing vibe – a family day. I woke up at 6 am to find that my brother was texting me. Our partners were both sleeping, so we continued the conversation. At one point, he mentioned snow, and low and behold the ground was dusted with the fluffy white stuff. We kept the banter going until his wife and my husband woke up, at which time we planned to meet up for breakfast.

Breakfast kicked off a day spent together catching up, talking about our families, aspiring for the future – the full meal deal. There is an ease with my brother that I don’t have with many other people. And his wife is the right amount of heart, smarts, and fire. They just moved into a charming character house, and it was the perfect setting for a restorative day with family.

Before we knew it, they were dropping us off at the dock to return home fingers crossed that we didn’t have the same drama on the high seas. The sailing was thankfully uneventful and we were picked up by my father-in-law on the other side. My MIL was hiding with the kids in bed and they popped out once we walked through the door. I jumped into the bed and snuggled my little ones as they drifted off to sleep. Everything feels better when things are good with family.

Do you have any unresolved conflicts with family members?



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