Three Hundred Twenty Six: Group

“The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very loveable.”  – Unknown

Sunday, November 23rd

Tonight our family joined some of our other neighbors for a shared meal. Our table was alight with stories of our days, of our kids doing naughty things, and cautionary tales. It was a great conversation. And then I started to crack jokes – you know the type – the quips that fall flat or the jokes with the punchline delivered too soon. There would be a moment of silence and then someone else would carry on with another story.

I felt accepted by the group in some small way through this social stumbling, and who doesn’t like to feel accepted?

Most of the time I have such short exchanges with the greater group of neighbors, but tonight we stayed a few minutes later and enjoyed the great synergy. Although there are times when I struggle to see the benefit of living closely and surrendering a level of privacy with my neighbors, I am understanding more each day how incredible it is to be in a relationship with the people living within the couple dozen households. It is a unique sort of family and if I can get this right then I can get better at getting along with any sort of group I find myself in.

What different groups do you associate with during your day? What are you learning about yourself by communicating with them?



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