Three Hundred Twenty Four: Elders

“Clearly older women and especially older women who have led an active life or elder women who successfully maneuver through their own family life have so much to teach us about sharing, patience, and wisdom.”  – Alice Walker

Friday, November 21st

It was one thing for my husband and I to consider how we would be raising our children…and quite another to learn how our elders would.

We have had financial support from our parents when the times get tough, and it is incredibly humbling to know that your children won’t feel how tight things got when the bills rolled in because your loved ones were looking out for you. We have had extended visits for post-partum support and too-many-to-mention afternoons with Grandpa and Grandma so my husband and I could have a date. There are usually little gifts in Grandmas purse, but there are always hugs and smiles for my kids. There is no way I could begin to even quantify their worth in our lives.

So we jumped at the chance to invite my husband’s mother to an Elder’s Luncheon at my daughter’s school. She kept her morning schedule clear so she could attend, and we also invited my daughter’s Auntie. It was a very new experience for her to eat her lunch with her elder women, pointing out friends and teachers and leading us all to her classroom where she gave us the royal tour. She held her brother’s hand as we walked to the gymnasium to see a performance, and checked back to see that her “girls” were still there.

My mothers’ paths of teaching and guiding my children has not been without conflict or a difference of opinion, but we respect each other enough to work through that. And I am proud that they’ve both learned from observing my husband and I parent. They’ve got our backs, and they’ve got our kids’ backs…and we’ve got theirs. I’m glad to have learned from them that this is just what families do for one another.

What lessons have you learned from your elders?




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