Three Hundred Thirty: Thanks

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” – Frank Herbert

Thursday, November 27th

I have built an informal rule for myself that I shall write this blog chronologically from the first day of the year to the last…but today it feels right to stir a little chaos in order to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day itself. So in no particular order, I am thankful for…

  • Having family. Having a wonderfully-flawed nuclear family to grow up with and learn to accept for who they are yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Having an extended family of half-brothers who have knocked off the halfness in our relationship. Marrying into a quirky and loving family who have taken me in as their own and love me for me.
  • Having a beautiful friend who might very well be the only person who actually reads this blog accept that the long-winded thank you note for the 40th birthday care package is late-in-the-mail because it has been late-to-be-written…and know that she doesn’t hold this against me.
  • A roof over my head. And it happens to be a beautiful roof built with love by my neighbors’ hands that feels good to live and grow up in.
  • Reaching an age where I trust myself to feel through things with grace. It isn’t an awkward wobble through situations now that I’ve had some life experience under my belt.
  • My girlfriends. I feel like I’ve just broken through some pretty huge social barriers in the last couple years when it comes to bonding with people, and have drawn in some pretty radical new women into my circles. It gives me faith in humanity to befriend such interesting, vibrant, and sweet people. Equally satisfying is it to have women in my life that have known me since I moved to my city 12 years ago and who have nurtured my growth in ways I never imagined needing, that saw me through my wildly educational 20s and pulled me through the workday or the semester at uni, who loved me through all my failed adolescent attempts at nailing the perfect hairstyle/perfect pegged pants/the perfect hockey-haired crush, and even the one friend who built a paper machier volcano with me two days before it was due – who drew penguins on my going away card when I moved from Canada to California, who I’ve known since before I could read, and who knows me like the back of her hand. You are brave souls to be my sisters in life – thank you.
  • My soul mate. Sure, there could be many possible soul mates for me out in this world, but after trying a few on for size, it was He that fit best. Someone that I’ve been incredibly attracted to since day one, and for whom I still have a passion for. He who stirs my creativity. Who catches my little off-hand cultural references and was enchanted when I sang “We’re gonna have a tv party tonight…” at a record store when we agreed to stay home and watch crime dramas which we would eventually detox from because they’re too damn scary. He who didn’t jump into marriage, but waited until the right time. And who jumped in fully once we were married to start a family and build a home together. He who will kick my butt out of bed in six hours when we need to get ready for our kidless trip out of town together to celebrate the anniversary of those nuptials. Loving that man is the best education I’ve had in love, faith, and compromise.
  • Life. Every waking breath. Another chance to try harder. To make things better. To be more present, aware, and engaged with one another.


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