Three Hundred Twenty One: My Best Friend’s Daughter

“Here’s to good women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”  – Unknown

Tuesday, November 18th

There’s something incredibly awesome having a friend. Even more, having a friend who also has a daughter.

My friend and I really didn’t become close until after our daughters started kindergarten together. Imagine, your child is nervous about starting this new life experience and the solace she has is holding the hand of the little girl she met at the school’s summer playdates. Through field trips and birthday parties and play dates, this little girl is there with your daughter because you are friends with her Mom. There’s so much goodness wrapped up in that.

As the girls age, I see how they are different. How they might not walk into First Grade holding hands. How they move differently and communicate differently. The great equalizer is none else than the Frozen Soundtrack. I asked them to sing “Let It Go” six more times on a long commute when they asked if we were there yet for the millionth time.

So when she came over for a last-minute play date while her parents were at a Parent Teacher interview, I was tickled pink to see her walk right into the kids’ playroom and join the fun. Puzzles. Dress up. Drawing. They did it all in 90 minutes.

At some point there might be the divide that takes them on different social paths, or they might be lifelong friends who are always dear to each other. But for now it is simply good old-fashioned play.

Do you like to take care of other people’s children?


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