Three Hundred Ten: Friday Night

“Friday night. Expectation: Parties, friends, and adventures. Reality: My bed, food, and my laptop.”  – Unknown

Friday, November 7th

There was a time in the not-so-distant history when my husband was gone every Friday night. If it wasn’t band practice, it was DJing for a show at a venue he was trying to help build up. It gave me some time off to read a book or catch up on writing, but I missed wrapping up the work week with my man.

Now it has been months since he’s been gone on a Friday night – and that’s something to celebrate! This change happened so gradually that it almost went unnoticed, but it has made a big difference. My kids feel a distinct change now when the week turns into the weekend. My daughter comes home from school and squeals when she sees her Dad. My son wants to be held, hugged, rumbled and hugged again. We eat a meal together, put the kids to bed and have time to be adults together. Ahhhh, TGIF.

How do you wrap up your work week?


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