Three Hundred Eleven: Choose Your Own Adventure

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” – J.K. Rowling

Saturday, November 8th

Saturday was a full day. I cleaned my house at a ridiculously early time, watched the kids before doing outdoor chores, took my daughter to a birthday party and helped out a fundraising auction. Yowza…that was just what was on the calendar. Then the adventure really began.

I volunteered with four friends to assist at another school’s auction so we could get a sense of the venue for our own decorating needs for our school auction that will take place early next year. We ended up staying an hour later to help with the rapid influx of people leaving the party, and a few of us felt the need to blow off some steam after it all. We were dressed up in 80’s attire, but hey, it was Saturday night so entirely appropriate!

We had brought a dozen helium balloons and stuffed them in the backseat, so the driver’s visibility was limited. We decided she didn’t have to parallel park and found pull-in parking spots instead. When we arrived at a little local eatery, she pulled right up in front of the door. Easy parking. As soon as we got out of the car, we were told that we wouldn’t be going in because the party was over. An older man “Ron” explained that the party had wrapped up since his beautiful young friend had finished her singing performance, and as they were going to another place we were invited to join them. Wait. What just happened?

Choose your own adventure. We could have a mellow nightcap and get home at a reasonable time, or we could acknowledge that we’d just worked for five hours in a room filled with Run DMC impersonators, Lloyd Dobblers and valley girls and now had a car full of balloons. Yep, we were following the weirdos.

They weren’t so weird. Odd and funny, but that was the theme of the night so things went swimmingly. I think it might have been the first time that others hadn’t pegged us as three moms. Maybe I’ll have to change out of my yoga pants and spike my hair more often. In the end, we ditched them so my one friend could show us a secret lounge in the back of the Indian restaurant.

I was a little unreasonable with my consumption of alcohol, but you know what, I have been beyond reasonable for seven+ years. I wasn’t in a bar by myself; this was a celebration of life and friendship and those are the best adventures to choose around that I’ve found.

When given the choice, do you choose adventure or the reasonable route?


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