Three Hundred Six: The Day After

“Sleep is such a luxury, which I can’t afford.” – Robin Sikarwar

Monday, November 3rd

The morning after Daylight Savings Time felt fine, but the day after the day after not so much. At this point, my body started to feel the confusion of the time shift and was weary while my brain was tired. I might not have a high-profile job, but it is important to my family and everything runs more smoothly if I can function fully.

I have noticed a big difference in my sleep patterns now that I’ve been reading more at night and screen-timing less. Still, I wake up in the morning at the same time and figure out what I can do with the energy I have. Even if I can get the laundry done and the dishes washed, it is the attitude that I can bring to the day that is the most important. I don’t want to be pert and snappy with my children. I don’t want to isolate myself at the end of the day so I can just get a few more things done before I go to bed early. I don’t want to take a step back from my obligations because I’m not inspired. But I have been. And I’m blaming DST. So there.

How does Daylight Savings Time impact your life?



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