Three Hundred Seven: Teamwork

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Tuesday, November 4th

As I get older, I am seeing more of the qualities which make me a strong person. The last year has been such a pivotal year of change as I start to create more of a family/community balance and build my skills outside of my household. It has been interesting to see what sort of leader I am, and the work always seems to happen cooperatively.

Why should we strive to work in groups? Myself, I know that I have my deficits. I tend to be more of a visionary and need people around me who are organized and ready to manifest those ideas. Other times, I am with people who have a better grasp on the big picture and I need to be the one who figures out how to get the grassroots work done. It changes based on the synergy of the group.

Tonight I was in a volunteer meeting for the school auction fundraising event. It is our PTA’s main source of revenue for the year, and it was nice to take a step back from making comments and focus on listening to the good works that everyone else has been doing. The graphic designer that we’ve been working with presented a fantastic selection of “mood boards” to help steer him on the production of the invite imagery. It was so exciting to see him shine doing what he does best. And everyone owning their own piece of this project. Collectives rock!

Do you work best solo or in a collective?



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