Three Hundred Three: Last Minute

“The way I work, typically, I do everything at the very last minute. Even if I was given two months, I’d do it in the last three days.”  – Ayumi Hamasaki

Friday, October 31st

Last year was a Halloween debacle. The kids had their costumes of choice, but I could sense some reluctance from my daughter. She insisted on doing her own fairy make-up and after she saw the result she withdrew full participation from the holiday. It was a last-minute upheaval, so this year I decided to prepare well ahead of time…being much more sincere about kids having their own choice in staying home or going out to trick’or’treat.

When I look at it, trick’or’treating is terrifying. I know that my daughter has to warm up to transitions and she appreciates routines to help her know how her day is paced. So when she is asked whether she’d like to visit 22 surrounding households for a quick interaction  involving a rapid fire request, offer and response, I see how it could be overwhelming. We know all these neighbors well, but it is still daunting to pony up the energy for this ritual.

We had this settled though. My daughter was looking forward to dressing up with her brother, but staying home to hand out candy with her Dad while I took the little guy out for candy gathering. Everyone was happy with the situation. We got our costumes on. We saw friends wander around before dusk with their costumes on. The anticipation was building. As soon as my daughter saw her Dad, she chose to join us on the trick’or’treat route. Well, okay then!

It worked out just fine. There were a couple of households where neighbors dressed up ghoulishly, and that mainly got under the skin/scales of my tough little snake. After visiting 3/4 of the households, my kids were wiped out and it was a quick and painless road to bedtime.

Do you jump into Halloween celebrations?


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