Two Hundred Ninety Nine: Carved

“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.”  – Simone Schwarz Bart

Monday, October 27th

Today was the pumpkin carving night for the neighbor kids. My kids and I were the first to arrive, and dove right into the act of carving, cleaning, and detailing our pumpkins. There were several adults who joined in to help the younger ones with knife-work.

It was fun. It was also overwhelming. I’ve been noticing lately that whenever I don’t really feel like being around others that it is the precise time that I have plans to be around gads of them. Stack on top of that, noisy little people with knives in their hands.

But I’m learning more and more how to step aside emotionally and let things happen around me. I don’t have to bring others down, but I also don’t have to force myself to be a little ray of sunshine when my heart’s just not in it. And boy howdy, wouldn’t you know that seeing a rather large squash first get gutted and then lit up from the inside out is a rather fair and inspiring metaphor.

Do you get into holiday traditions?


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