Two Hundred Ninety Eight: Hanging in Trees

“A lot of modeling is how much crap you can take.”  – Lauren Hutton

Sunday, October 26th

Today I got to spend time with a beautiful old neighbor – a tall sheltering cypress tree.

My friend has discovered that she is more likely to make money from her “service photography” – business portraits, assisting at weddings, family shoots – but initiated a creative project photographing women in trees. I volunteered for the art project and chose a cedar as my totem tree. I grew up around cedar trees and always felt an affinity to them. My friend thought she’d found a cedar when it was actually a cypress. She found me a dress, did my makeup and did the styling for the shoot. It was a leap of faith since I’ve always been on the other side of the camera; I was feeling like I could easily cancel the shoot over nerves.

When I woke up, it was blustery but nowhere near the storm conditions from the night before. It felt like it would be a disservice to cancel on such a magical windy day. Besides, there were blue skies peeking out. We hopped in the car with child assistant in tow, and the shoot was on. Oddly, it was low-key and perfect. My photographer gave excellent instruction on how to move and pose, and at the end of the shoot she gave me the freedom to try anything we hadn’t done.

I was set on climbing that tree, and we managed to get some fun shots of me up there in the Cypress. I wonder how many were snapped of my chicken-hearted attempt to get out of that tree…

What sort of activities push you out of your comfort zone?


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