Two Hundred Ninety Six: Another Busy Weekend

“Over-scheduling their child’s time, far from improving their lives, actually damages them. Scheduling an hour of free time strengthens their imagination. When children are free to concoct their own diversions, they develop passionate pastimes. As they play with dolls or toy horses, they make up stories. These stories are often deeply imaginative.”  – Julia Cameron

Friday, October 24th

On most Fridays I’d be looking forward to the weekend, but this was another overscheduled end to the week. A three-hour cohousing meeting, two birthday parties, a chore team shift and a photo shoot after picking up a free pumpkin from a pop-up farmstand. I’d have to wait for the work week to return to get a rest.

My family and I are well blessed to live where we are. There are many impromptu play times and shared meals that happen merely by virtue of being outside around neighbors. So I don’t fear that my children are missing out on the experience of free time. I can safely say that I am not organized enough to overschedule our lives 24/7, but now and then a weekend ends up jam-packed.

Take a deep breath on Friday so I can exhale on Sunday night…

Do you like being overbooked?


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