Two Hundred Ninety Two: Pinteresting

“I love pinning motivational sayings on Pinterest that motivate me to keep pinning motivational pins on Pinterest.”  – Unknown

Monday, October 20th

Pinterest was, for me, just another time-sucking online service like Instagram or Twitter. That is, until recently.

I’ve volunteered to help with the decorating at my daughter’s school auction. Such a feat could not surely be accomplished without brainstorming with a collection of various intriguing visuals stored in one centralized location. Voila! I actually need Pinterest for something concrete.

In creating a secret board and sharing with a couple other users, I started to discover some of the other new features. Okay…this is starting to read like a cheesy Pinterest ad but I’m actually using it for my homeschooling, to digitize old graphics that have been stashed away in a binder for the last 10 years, and to share information with others.

I have my new addiction under control. I know this because I have not pinned one single motivational quote on my boards.

What websites rock your world?



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