Two Hundred Seventy Three: Support

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.”  – Unknown 

Wednesday, October 1st

My new friend Maureen jumped right into things and offered to hold a meeting at her house tonight. She has a small home and a husband that works out-of-town. She asked if I would show up a few minutes early to greet people as they arrive, so I jumped at the chance to help.

More than ever before, I am feeling how I can really help my friends when they need it. It must be this whole “growing up” business. I can see how they can help me too, and even though it is difficult for me to ask others for help I am trying to give voice to my needs.

I really insist on surrounding myself with people who are willing to find a way to contribute something positive to this world. Isn’t it true that at some point you know what foods are good for you to eat and which people are good for you to spend time with. Many of us don’t heed that call, but I’m starting to more and more and I’m seeing the effect on my life.

Do you know how to support your friends?



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