Two Hundred Seventy Six: What a Mess!

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”  – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Saturday, October 4th

Today was going to be a mess. A big old mess. And that was just what I had planned!

My daughter had mentioned at some point that she’d like to have a “Messy Party”, so I took out science books from the library and looked on Pinterest for ways to craft the perfect little celebration for her and her friends. I ended up planning it down to every last detail, editing my original plans down but still leaving plenty to keep them busy during the stretch of two hours.

The kids had a great time. We spray-painted their hair. They used noodles to paint and sprayed paint out of bottles. They made flubber and wacky handmade t-shirts. It felt good to plan a successful party, especially one where the kids could indulge in something completely child-like.

What would be your ultimate kids’ party?


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