Two Hundred Seventy Seven: So. Very. Tired.

“Everything sooner or later gets tired! A stormy sea gets tired and becomes a calm sea; a calm sea too gets tired and becomes a stormy sea! Everything sooner or later gets tired!”  – Mehmet Murat ildan

Sunday, October 5th

I lived in a hostel when I first moved to this city. My bunk was in the same room with five other beds, and people came and left at all hours. It was constant noise. I don’t know how I managed to get sleep because I’m an incredibly light sleeper, but I did. I think I wore a toque and a hoodie and sandwiched my head between two pillows. I need to find my toque and a hoodie.

I need sleep. I wake up at odd hours and can’t get back to sleep. The cats wake me up at 4 am to let them out and now my bladder is used to me waking in the middle of the night. Today I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got some emailing done and felt great until it started nearing 7 am and then I realized I should get some more sleep. That was about the time that the kids started waking up and jumping all over my husband and I.

I have PMS. We were still recuperating from yesterday’s birthday party. My husband and I had a three-hour budget meeting that also included some touchy subjects. And there was a birthday party with two live ponies scheduled for the afternoon. I lost the plot between the meeting and the birthday party. I needed a good cry and got some of that tension out, but kept my sunglasses on for a couple of hours afterwards to shield my puffy eyes.

As much as I want to catch up on this blog by writing a number of posts per evening, I might have to figure out another way to get the writing in at earlier hours. The screen time is not serving my health.

Can you operate on little sleep?



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