Two Hundred Sixty Six: Customer Service

“It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one.”  – Unknown 

Wednesday, September 24th

I thought the customer was always right. Somewhere along the way, the customer seemed to become that annoying intrusion on uninterrupted silence during the day. Or so it feels like when I go into most stores these days. Some cities have a much more relaxed culture, and you feel valued when you step through the doors of a small business. My city, not so much.

I have a great relationship with my dental office. I was referred there years ago and have been a loyal client ever since. I cross the city for cleanings which is a hassle, but I appreciate the care and attention to detail that Dr. Nelson provides. After years of positive experiences, it is the small details that are beginning to shade my opinion. My husband went to go to his cleaning, and I double checked that he actually had an appointment since he never received a reminder call. He wasn’t on the schedule. This was the second time there was a missing appointment on their end. I made sure that I talked to the receptionist and confirmed his new appointment, but now I know my husband is losing faith in the office. Those little inconveniences add up when you’re already feeling like you go out of your way to support a business.

I have been feeling the same way about my children’s pediatrician. The doctor, herself, is fantastic – a truly awesome woman who is incredibly intelligent. Her office, on the other hand, is becoming more and more automated. I have received four phone call reminders from a machine that I need to schedule an appointment. If I had received one call from a person, I would be more inclined to pick up the phone. I already have to do all the scheduling and check reports through their hard-to-log-onto online management system. I want to talk to people about these things. I understand that this is the way all medical offices are going, but I notice that the service provided by their receptionists had gone downhill too. No one wants to feel like a number.

I am trying to figure out whether there is somewhere closer that I can switch our family dental and medical care over to. It’s hard to find a good fit in these departments, but I may be headed in that direction.

Is there a straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to negative customer service experiences?



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