Two Hundred Sixty Seven: Getting Ready to Potluck

“At the potluck, I brought two dishes: knowledge and mashed potatoes and gravy. Guess which one got cleaned out and which one hardly got touched.”  – Jarod Kintz

Thursday, September 25th

I have assumed the role as the Parent Lead for the Environmental Program at my daughter’s school and we are planning a grand potluck. A Harvest Potluck to celebrate the yield of our school garden!

The party was only days away and we were finding that the garden crops had suffered between the departure of the outgoing garden teacher and the hire of the new one. The plants did not care about employment matters, they wanted water and the weeds pulled from around their tender roots. What we lacked in harvested produce, we have made up for in spirit and cooperation. The team of parent volunteers this year is phenomenal and when we meet, our children form this peaceful collective of Earth children putting together puzzles and coloring princess drawings together.

The meeting was 30 minutes, but in that short time we ironed out the kinks and made sure that jobs were covered. This was going to be a potluck to remember.

Do you prefer to plan parties on your own or in a group?


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