Two Hundred Sixty Nine: 20 Years!

“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together over the years.”  – Simone Signoret 

Saturday, September 27th

Today was the day to celebrate 20 years of cohousing in my community. What an amazing celebration!

People from throughout the years – current tenants and past – gathered to honor the conversations and brute strength that helped start this project and mold it over the years. Details few knew emerged and stories were dusted off and shared with others. Newer tenants like myself got to meet people face-to-face we have only known through cohousing lore.

Oddly, amidst all the celebration I was feeling rather glum that there was this bright spotlight on the years past. It took a past resident to stand up and acknowledge that while the work done to build this community was magnificent, so too was the work being done today to preserve that tradition and build upon it to keep this as a living breathing place that she and others can come to visit and still consider home.

My relationships with my neighbors are complicated matters. Some come easy. Some are strained. But they are all made of these tiny little threads of conversations, shared experiences, celebrations, condolences and all the things of daily life. It is a family indeed.

What different tribes do you belong to in your life?


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