Two Hundred Seventy: Sickness and Celebrations

“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.”  – Lamartine

Sunday, September 28th

My husband was sick in bed today, as he was the night before. He had missed the 20th Anniversary party, and today he missed his Dad’s birthday celebrations. I didn’t feel great leaving him behind to heal on his own, but I also know that often the best rest is had without two young children playing outside the door.

My FIL’s birthday was a unique one in that several extended family members were in town for a Tough Mudder race, and so the day became much about replaying the fun had by the “Tough Brudders” – my FIL included. There was lots of laughter which hurt some of the post-race relatives who had strained abdominals, and we laughed at some of the things caught on film. All in all though, I missed my partner-in-crime. It’s more than just having the extra pair of hands to help with the children, it is having his charisma and smile and self in the room. His family works when everyone is there and when someone can’t make it. it feels disjointed somehow.

This has been happening a lot this autumn. I missed my brother-in-laws birthday because I had a fever, or I was tending to my son who was recovering from one. Everyone is cycling through the illnesses of the day and we are each missing out on some special moments.

Do you still attend big celebrations if you’re sick?


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