Two Hundred Sixty Eight: Priorities

“You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life.”  – Matthew Quick

Friday, September 26th

I had a school social scheduled for tonight, but it was becoming clear that the only people I’d be socializing with call me “Mama”. My husband still hadn’t kicked the dizziness and ill feeling that had plagued him all week, so it was time to set family first.

Part of the reason I am so involved with my daughter’s school is to have time to socialize with other adults, especially adults who understand what it is like to be a parent. While I was disappointed to miss this event, I didn’t regret my decision for a moment. Family always comes first for me, and I have a strong one because of that belief.

I was living in a travelers’ hostel when I first met my husband. I was in a dorm room with a woman I had befriended named Terry. She felt that I was spending too much time with this man I had just met (haha, coming from a woman I had just met.) I kept her comments at a distance and followed my intuition with this new relationship. I knew that I could trust this man and that faith has pulled me through the tough times when it is hard to remember why I love this person as much as I do.

All this aside, I was not reading into the years of trust and honesty between us. When someone I care for is sick, I take care of that person.

Do you like to care for others when they are sick?


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