Two Hundred Sixty Five: Pals

“There’s something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace.” – Lisa Whelchel 

Tuesday, September 23rd

Tonight my family and I attended a Common House meal and as usual, my son sat beside his neighbor and best buddy and was completely distracted to the point of not eating much of his food. My mothering sense was frustrated. Then I think back to all the kids I hung out with as a child. Some were angels, some were creeps, some wouldn’t listen to anyone but themselves but they were all different in their own ways and I loved them because they were my friends. I can’t say that my parents’ opinion of a friend would really sway how I feel.

So I take a deep breath and remember that my son will survive even if he’s only eaten three-and-a-half bites of rice and one sliced carrot for dinner. But growling and giggling at the table and running downstairs to play with Legos and trucks and build forts is what a fun childhood is made of.

Do you remember your best friends from your childhood?


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