Two Hundred Sixty Two: Indecisives Deciding

“Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.”  – Peter Drucker

Saturday, September 20th

Today had been long slated to be a girl date. I was going to go tacky bowling with my two friends who were at my birthday celebration – creating a new monthly ritual of getting together. The firecracker of our group couldn’t make it, leaving the Indecisives – me and Holly to stumble through an afternoon making decisions.

We started driving without a firm idea of what we’d be doing. We made it out of our neighborhood. Into another one. And then it seemed to fall into place. It made sense to go to Y if we were already at X. We probably rolled in a few extra things that we normally wouldn’t have, and that brought a sense of accomplishment. When it came time to decide on a restaurant we went for the more adventurous choice rather than sticking with something familiar.

I like having strong personalities around me. It takes the heat off of me to make constant decisions. But hanging out with someone who is equally indecisive emboldened both of us to step up and see that we could make our day exactly what we wanted and needed it to be.

Are you a firm decision maker or do you tend to be indecisive?


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