Two Hundred Sixty: A Mundane Adventure

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  – Helen Keller

Thursday, September 18th

Am I really getting the meaning of this quote? When I read this quote I feel as if I should be out bungee jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge or surfing 70 foot waves in Tahiti, or I’m just not grabbing life by the cojones. But does cojone-grabbing make a life?

The repetition, the boring moments and the knowledge that comes with familiarity of day-in day-out activities are what give me the time and bandwidth to really chew on the big questions in life. What is life all about? Am I doing the right thing? How many more films will Bill Murray make?

Do you crave non-stop adventure, solace or are you satisfied with whatever comes along?


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