Two Hundred Fifty Eight: Pushing On

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  – Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 16th

I am entertained that someone is reading this. These random ramblings – most often just another mundane contribution of self-righteous and self-aggrandizing musings on the urban stay-at-home experience – have become a document of my days when journals are clouded with the subtext that paper books have become passé and unnecessary when everything can be digitized.

I had a streak of bad days, and today was a pushing on day. Simple. This life, maybe like yours and everyone else’s, is a mixture of sad and glad moments spun together in a seamless weave. Life – one run-on sentence that oft has too many superfluous words and too little punctuation.

Is it hard for you to push on?



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