Two Hundred Fifty Five: Oh Brother!

“Siblings by chance. Friends by choice.”  – Unknown

Saturday, September 13th

A month or so ago, I received word from my brother Ben that he’d be attending a conference a few hours away. He arranged to get to most of the way to our house, and I would pick him up on the last leg. There was to be a work party this morning and I would have the kids help me with some light raking.

Lunch rolled around and I got the call that Ben had arrived. I had woken up feeling a little tender-footed so I didn’t push myself too hard, but on the car ride I was feeling progressively weaker. We dropped Ben’s bags in the guest room and started our visit. I was asked to provide instructions for one of the afternoon work party jobs and was quiet and rather listless during the process. I skulked back home in complete denial that something was wrong, but after about an hour I had to go lie down. One hour after that I texted a neighbor and had her go get my husband. He was somewhere on the property building a fence and needed to come home to help Uncle BabySitter.

I endured through a high fever all night. My husband and the kids went to sleep in the play room so I could sleep off my quarantine in comfort. I caught the Hand Foot and Mouth disease that my kids had just recovered from. There was no way I wanted to give it to my brother, so I missed the entire visit save for an hour and a bit just before he went to bed on his second night here.

I give thanks for having a dear brother who doesn’t take fallout from viral contagions personally.

Have you ever had a planned visit completely blown apart by unforeseen circumstances?


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