Two Hundred Fifty One: Interview

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb 

Tuesday, September 9th

Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom with a partner seeking another job feels as if I am also looking for a job. Our income is his work income, so I am heavily invested in the moves that he makes in this department. It is his career so I can’t say too much about what job postings he pursues, but I do feel like his manager feeding him little ideas here and there about the workplace.

My husband actually has a mentor for this job seeking process – his sister’s husband. Our brother-in-law has offered advice over and over about standard application, interview, and offer behaviors and how to proceed in a way that benefits you as the new hire the most. Husband had applied for a number of jobs in this past year and only started getting calls back for interviews this summer. It was baffling, really, because he is a loyal and efficient worker with mad talent. He was constantly revising his resume with the most applicable projects to the position, and cruising the job postings daily.

It started getting to the point, for me, where it felt demoralizing that he wasn’t being recognized for the talent he is. We’d had a similar experience several years ago when we were looking for a place to live; junky place after junky place until we fell into the perfect situation for us. We realized then that fretting doesn’t help a situation, but putting even more hard work and faith that the right thing will come around eventually.

So it was a sincere joy this summer when he got two call backs for phone interviews with recruiters. He seemed to be in the dilemma then of being in between two completely viable job positions. He didn’t make any hasty decisions, and followed his gut instinct when something felt a little off about one of them. Things kept proceeding with the other job, and today my husband finally went in for the in-person interview.

He had been asked to prepare a presentation and bring along his portfolio; he exceeded the expectations and created a professional presentation. My husband walked into the interview confidently and walked out knowing that he’d impressed the interview team. It feels so good when others see how amazing your partner really is.

Are you a confident job candidate when you go into an interview?





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