Two Hundred Forty Seven: Exchange

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Friday, September 5th

There was a time in my university years when I had my pulse on fashion. Or rather, I was cultivating my own style. I brought it with me to this city and carried it with me in and out of jobs until I became a mother and found that I couldn’t really nurse or lounge in these outfits anymore. Clothes became functional. Practical, shape-shifting cotton garments.

Six years have passed and I barely remember the sweet stretch of the elastic waste band on my maternity pants. There are no more remnants of the multiple nursing tanks that made me swear of brassieres for years. I have my own personal collection of yoga pants and t-shirts like the rest of American mothers, but I also have a group of friends who were willing to meet for a Friday night clothing exchange.

This was a monumental event for me. I had never actually been to a clothing exchange before. I volunteered to host since I had access to a larger meeting space outside of my own home. Four of us brought snacks and gads of clothes and spread them out over the couches and tables to start our free shop. It was good fun. We snacked. We tried on clothes. We had a drink or two and forgot the clothes were there, and then tried on more clothes. What a fun evening!

What is a normal everyday thing that you have never tried?


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