Two Hundred Forty Six: Mom’s Back-To-School

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”  – Oprah Winfrey

Thursday, September 4th

Today was the second day back-to-school for my daughter and Mom’s second day back to the PTSA.

There has been a shift in how I look at this group. One, these people are now my friends. I know more about them. I have met their children and their partners. I’ve been in their homes, and they’ve been in mine. So I have let a lot of the anxiety go about feeling like an outsider.

It was great to welcome my new friend Maureen who has taken this school year by storm. We met at a swim class this summer and we have become fast friends. She is simply one of those inspired souls who has the ideas and the where-with-all to make things happen. That is just icing on the cake of all the other wonderful efforts that are being spearheaded by other members.

On top of that, the PTSA secretary emailed me and asked me if I would take notes. She was home sick and wanted someone responsible to take notes. Gush. These little complements mean a lot to me. I have more than enough moments when I doubt how responsible I am, so hearing that from someone else makes my day.

I wonder what this school year has in store for me.

Where would you volunteer if you could?


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