Two Hundred Forty Five: First Day of School

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.”  – Edgar W. Howe

Wednesday, September 3rd

Sigh. Yes. I would be at the front of that line.

Summer did present its challenges along with all the wonderful opportunities to connect as a family – mainly getting used to our newly-turned six-year-old daughter being with us full-time again and then just as suddenly not being with us at the end of it. These shifts are changes, like seasons. That’s tough on all of us as we figure out why it feels different and why there is conflict where there wasn’t any before.

All it takes is the small radical leap. My family is used to small changes like the change from July to August or from rainy weather to sunny, but the leap in a day’s structure and who is around for that really has a big impact. All that being said, I expected that today would be wrought with indecision and tears but it wasn’t. My daughter got dressed to go to school and was excited to walk through the doors back into her classroom. She plunked down next to her buddy Maggie and started to draw a picture. As she phased her brother and I out of her field of view I knew it was time to leave.

Good luck, Little One.

Do you remember your first days of school?


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