Two Hundred Forty Two: Other People Turning 40

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.”  – Mike Huckabee

Sunday, August 31st

The adults I talk to most often through my daughter’s school community are ageless to me. I know some gave birth to their children at a later age, and some look quite young but in the end I lose track of who is how old. So it came as quite a surprise to find out that two friends I see quite often were born within a month of me. I challenged us all to embrace this milestone with forty-tude.

This might sound tacky but I was secretly telling myself that Molly’s birthday party would be the last celebration of my own birthday. I have no shame and will piggyback on other people’s parties. Of course this event that was inevitably a libation-ful party coincided with my internal cleanse. I’d gone a little overboard with the kombucha and fermented drinks and had created an imbalance in my intestinal flora; I was refraining from alcohol, sugars, and junk food. Boy howdy, all three were definitely on the menu for tonight!

Sometimes you have to throw diets and reasonable plans out the window. I ended up sitting with a very lively and interesting couple and it just felt good to share a drink with them. And we were gathered to celebrate Molly. She is a firecracker – a Grade A just do it sort of woman. She speaks her mind and has been a non-judgmental mentor for me since Day One of starting at this school. I didn’t pound the booze, but I had a great evening and ended up closing that party down. And who doesn’t want that on their 40th birthday?

What would be your ultimate birthday celebration for a milestone birthday?



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