Two Hundred Forty Three: In Labor

“By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.”  – Robert Frost

Monday, September 1st

I am bah humbug about most American holidays, and I can’t tell whether that has come with living in the United States or with age. Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day…they’re all days when Goodwill offers 50% off, right?

I appreciate appreciating labor and the labor movement, but perhaps not enough to really pay homage to those who fought hard for workers’ rights and to establish unions. I suppose I’m a “brick in the wall” in the sense that I’ve worked most of my life and for the most part haven’t questioned the business owners I’ve worked for who try to pull a fast one on their workers. I’ve always put a lot of effort into my work. To me, work is an existential process – day in and day out, I am spending hours of my life with strangers and expected to reach a goal with them. It is a process that is best done cooperatively, and hopefully with some degree of amity and togetherness.

Of course, it’s hard to think of these soft points of the employment experience when you don’t have basic amenities and living wages. So I tip my hat to the people who fight the good fight and help others in their plight to get more respect and benefits from their workplace.

What do you do on Labor Day?


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