Two Hundred Forty: Holding It Together

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”  – Hans Christian Andersen

Friday, August 29th

Friday was another day of volunteering. Stuffing packets full of forms and sheets to go home to parents. We had a critical mass of volunteers and it was actually good fun to converse while doing a remedial task. With 15 minutes to go until the end of my shift, my daughter came in with her arm held straight and complaining of a sore elbow. She’d fallen down the slide while a girl still had a hold of her arm. I figured it was bruised and gave her a snack to keep her mind off of things until she forgot about the injury. These little bruises and bumps happen all the time, and it’s hard to know what’s a tap and what’s a real hard knock.

Flash-forward 10 minutes and it was impossible to get her into the car seat. I was becoming increasingly convinced that she needed to go see a doctor. She wouldn’t bend that elbow, and I was afraid that she had some sort of fracture. I called the nurseline from our medical insurance and it was hard to make a firm conclusion given all the indefinite unsure responses from my girl.

We went to the Emergency Room at a local Children’s Hospital. After watching the first 15 minutes of “Babe”, the resident came in for an exam. My daughter was fearful but let the smiling doctor touch her arm. She gently touched each side of her arm ascending from her wrist up to her elbow. My daughter didn’t cry, so the doctor took her elbow and quickly twisted it popping it back into place. It was a dislocated elbow. She’d had this condition a couple of times before when she was a toddler – nursemaid’s elbow – and it is amazing how quickly this simple move changes everything from Oh no to Ho Hum. I was so thankful to see her relaxing, no longer in pain.

Children amaze me. They don’t have the frame of reference to explain what is happening to them when they are in pain; therefore, they brave it through some tough situations.

What can you learn from a child today?


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