Two Hundred Thirty Seven: Useless Calendar

“Even before I had an assistant, my calendar was color-coded and I had all these different e-mail rules for how to prioritize e-mails, so I made it a point years ago to figure all that stuff out because my life was a mess.”  – Chris Hardwick

Tuesday, August 26th

I logged “Make Chickpea Salad” on my calendar for today. The only problem is that the reminder came up when the salad was due at the event. I had time to get to a deli counter at a grocery store and buy a quinoa black bean salad – exactly what someone else had brought five minutes before me. Gahhh, another calendar fail!

With all the infinite wisdom of software developers, couldn’t they code in teaser questions that would remind users to prepare for the event itself? If you enter “Get Married” then it might suggest “Buy a New Outfit” and “Talk to a Caterer”. I’m not holding my breath waiting for my personal assistant to arrive, so I’m looking to you, Technology, to help me out.

Do you find gaps between technology’s convenience and efficiency?


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