Two Hundred Thirty Eight: Job Training

“Train, don’t strain.”  – Arthur Lydiard

Wednesday, August 27th

I had jumped into the interview process for a new garden educator at my daughter’s school, and the next step was to provide a day of training for our new hire. There are so many things that I could pass on…so many nuggets of wisdom gathered over the course of a year. But a year isn’t really that long in the scheme of things, and I was more than happy to take a step back and let the woman who was leaving the position talk straight to the new teacher.

I like to be at the table, but only if I feel that I’ll have something valuable to contribute. Today was a day when I was good for introductions and opening remarks and a polite curtsy out of the conversation so I could go inventory the merchandise hiding out in the closet. Perfectly utilitarian.

Do you need to be center stage, or are you comfortable stepping back into a supporting role?



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