Two Hundred Thirty Three: Breaking Bread

“I believe that it is impossible for two individuals not committed to their own and each other’s well being to sustain a healthy and enduring relationship.” – Bell Hooks

Friday, August 22nd

Disclaimer: I am officially one month behind on posts. The end of summer and the start of school has been busy and a tad overwhelming…and really, I’m glad I’ve put the emphasis on living life instead of blogging. But I am earnestly trying to catch up, Friends.

Food is essential, right? I feel like one could easily capture the essence of my life and the phases of maturity by looking at my diet over the years. A picky child that would hide mushed peas in her cheek and then spit them into the toilet when I was able to sneak away from the table. An adolescent that got by on pizza bread and chocolate milk. A 20-something woman that ate the same deli sandwich three times a day from my cafe job. An early 30-something that never ate dinner with her partner because she was working so often. And a 40-something that gets all sorts of RDAs from the meals she shares with her family. I love food, but I am almost more compelled now by the social nature of breaking bread with others.

Cohousing provides ample opportunities for this. It is one of the cornerstones of our daily living – creating opportunities to eat meals and to snack together. We have a shared garden. We schedule frequent meals with one another. Our shared spaces are conducive to meeting up for food. Our household serves as the host family for new renters Heather and Tim and tonight was a chance for us to sit down and dine with them and one of their landlords. It was a beautiful evening just perfect for a potluck.

The meal was delightful. The food was tasty, but it was awesome to sit down with new friends and get to know more about them. I spill details about my life I wouldn’t when someone simply asks “How are you?” and that builds a more genuine connection. One good meal builds the expectation that there are more to come in the future, and that’s alright with me!

Are you comfortable sharing food with others?



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