Two Hundred Thirty Four: Festivalian

“You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed.”  – Rabindranath Tagore 

Saturday, August 23rd

My husband had plans to attend an all-day reggae festival as a vendor. He’d be raising funds for his non-profit, but would also take in music from some of his favorite contemporary reggae artists. This was a new festival on the scene and he wasn’t sure what to expect.

I received a text soon after he left, “I have to set up outside the venue. No vendors inside the show at all.” It was going to be a hot day and the festival itself ran from 2 pm to 2 am. The organizer had not alerted vendors to this crucial detail, neither asking them to provide their own tents nor providing access to electricity so they could light up their booths at night. Even in the best of situations, it is a slog to get all your gear into the car and then set it up at a show. Now there were some big gaps in the equation.  From afar, it sounded like this experience was going downhill quickly for him.

I didn’t receive too many updates from that point on. I fed the kids, got them in bed, and then stewed wondering whether he was dreading each moment or making the most of it. I know better. He’s a grown man, and he makes the most of the situations he finds himself in. As it was, he had some great conversations with some of the other vendors and made money for the cause. I struggle with letting go of the worry I have for my friends and family; in the end, it is an issue of just trusting their judgment and wisdom to do the best that they can in the moment.

Do you fret over your loved ones when they are in situations that are out of their control?



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