Two Hundred Thirty: Work Stuff

“I didn’t list listening as one of my skills, probably because I didn’t hear what the interviewer asked.
” – Jarod Kintz

Tuesday, August 19th

Today I sat in as part of an interviewing team for a teaching position at my daughter’s school. The Garden Educator position, to be exact. As a parent, I volunteer for the garden efforts and weasled my way into the process so I could have a say. The first thing that struck me was that this felt like work.

And that’s okay. I’ve been out of the work force since 2009 and with each passing year it will get progressively more difficult to re-enter. I like to think of myself as a go-getter and when I was a new mom, I let motherhood take over me and eventually left the workplace to pursue it wholeheartedly. There is no better career decision that I have made than to leave the workforce, especially when the economy was tanking. I was blessed to be able to leave it willingly during a time when I already could no longer concentrate on my tasks at work. I was terrified that I would lose my identity; after all, most of my day was spent working and I wasn’t necessarily leading a well-balanced life at that point. I was left holding my young baby while emotionally hitting gravel. It was painful and liberating…and I had the time to figure it all out.

Family time has been cathartic. I have eaten dinners with my husband and children almost every evening. I have spent the earliest years of my children’s lives with them at home and in our community, and I’ve taken an active role to educate them at home until they start kindergarten. I’m not only envisioning the life I want, but I’m building the life that I want.

Back to the interview, here I am in a work-like atmosphere with colleagues and a small group of job-seekers who are looking to join my team. Yikes! It felt good not only to be that productive but also to help shape the future of a program that is already thriving and in transition. In other words, my penchant for idea generating, volunteer management, and fundraising would be well appreciated and put to use this year and that builds a whole lot of promise and satisfaction into this part of my life.

Where are you in your career cycle?


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