Two Hundred Thirty One: Sports

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”  – Dan Gable

Wednesday, August 20th

My husband’s work place has had several occasions where free tickets are offered to baseball, soccer, or football games. More often than not, these are from a higher-up’s season pass and the seats are amazing. We found out just how sweet those seats can be when he ran to the office and claimed two for us to have a sports date!

Understand that my husband is not a sports guy, nor am I his jersey-toting sports wife. We get excited about music and nerdy concept art shows but not our local sports teams, and our teams are good in this city. I think in the past my husband was reluctant to make a play for the tickets because he really didn’t want to spend the evening at a game, but then he started to get that I’d love to get the tickets just to see and do something new with him. It was atypical fun, and that sort of thing keeps our life interesting.

He secured childcare from his Mom before he even told me about the tickets! She came over after work and we were off on our night out. We found parking blocks away and started the walk towards the stadium. We crossed paths with a coffee shop and I grabbed a cup to pull me through the evening. As if that wasn’t enough, I took a free sample of a yerba mate-caffeine drink and chugged half of that before I realized that I was in for a serious jolt. We followed the herds and shuffled into the stadium. I thought our seats were assumed to be nicer than they actually were, but then we realized that our row was only four rows up from the field. We could see the faces of the tributes…ahem, players…as they walked onto the field. The flames and the drums and the energy made it all very reminiscent of The Hunger Games or any dark sci-fi movie about how society turns to games with ruthless competition for entertainment. And then the game started just like that.

Soccer is a funny game. I don’t really understand the intricacies of the rules, like when a player is really offside or what constitutes getting a yellow card for but I feel like I throw my weight around like a season ticket holder after about six-and-a-half minutes of watching the game. The adrenaline, the spectacle, and the constant motion are all very captivating. Then layer a heavy dose of caffeine on top of that. When our team had scored their first and only point, I got dizzy. Thousands of people were cheering, standing and chanting something or another. Wow. This went on for 90 more minutes.

All in all, it was fun. It was a flash of something new to talk about. New people watching. New activity. New walk around town as we made our way all ten blocks or so back to the car. 🙂

Is it time to try something new?


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