Two Hundred Twenty Eight: Other Doors

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”  – John Barrymore

Sunday, August 17th

Today was the ill-fated day that I could have had my family birthday celebration, but didn’t. Instead, I had two parties to go to!

Almost immediately after I made the suggestion that my family birthday celebration happen on a different weekend, I received an invite for one of my junior neighbor’s birthday – a geocache adventure at a local park. His Mom is an epic party-planner so chances were good that the entire family would have fun. Another neighbor approached me about holding an August milestone birthday party for myself (turning 40), his wife (turning 60), and our neighbor (turning 70) and it worked out to hold it at the common meal that evening. Woohoo!

The day was perfectly busy in all the right ways. I dropped by my friend’s house to say goodbye; she is the garden teacher who I’ve been volunteering with throughout my daughter’s kindergarten year, and now she’s moving out-of-state. It was nice to see her home and garden and get a chance to talk one-to-one. Then I drove to a local museum to get junior neighbor a solar and salt-powered robot. It is challenging to buy a toy for a homeschooled child that parents approve of too, and this one was a hit.

The geocache adventure was awesome. We split into teams based on the kids’ age and looked for clues around the park that pieced together to find even more clues. We went across fields, up stairs, over bridges, down trails and all to find a treasure chest filled with treats. It was so much fun!

The evening was warm and sweet, surrounded by neighbors and friends to share food, laughs, and dessert. After dinner we told jokes. My friend Phil pulled out some old jokes and people of all ages grabbed a paper strip and delivered their punchline. It was sheer silliness! I love when I start to laugh just for the sake of laughing.

It was a day well-lived, well-laughed, well-fed, and well-spent!

What activity undoubtedly makes your parties great?


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