Two Hundred Twenty: Girl Date!

“If you have crazy friends you have everything.”  – Anonymous

Saturday, August 9th

Today was my day to celebrate my 40th birthday with my friends, and it felt like the celebration almost wouldn’t happen!

I’d struggled to find the right date a few weeks back. I invited a few close friends. And I waited to see if anyone was hook-line-and sinker for the gig.

My first plan was to go rockhounding in Ellensburg. There is a stone called an “Ellensburg Blue” or an “E Blue” – an agate with a cloudy ethereal hue – found only in this area. Sadly, the owner of the ranch (open for rockhounding E Blues) was scoring and timing for the junior rodeo trials. It was not meant to be. I switched gears and decided to head southwards to Chehalis and Olympia. I didn’t find too much information about rockhounding in Chehalis and started to feel nervous that I didn’t have a definite site to work from. Then my best friend texted a week ago and told me that her mother had suffered a tragic fall and had broken her elbow in addition to a couple other sprains. She was put on the list for surgery but kept getting bumped due to emergency traumas. There was no way she could leave her mother in that state alone.

As flakey as it was, I couldn’t go through with the Chehalis plans. I know to follow my intuition; something just felt off about these plans. I went to bed and woke up with the a brand spanking new plan – a visit to 40 of my favorite things in this city! I didn’t need to drive halfway across the state; I could stay here and do all the things that were tough to do with kids in tow. Jaclyn picked me up and then we headed over to Holly’s place. Three was a nice number. These two friends had never met or hung out before but I had faith that it wouldn’t feel awkward. It went much better than that; they totally clicked. After a beach visit, some geode cracking, and a visit to the antique mall, my two besties were well on their way to bonding too. Yeah!

We still had multiple neighborhoods to visit. I deliberately did not hold a sincere expectation that we’d reach every stop. Unexpected stops would pop up that I hadn’t planned on. The best part about it was that there were long stretches of great conversation – on the beach, at the noodle restaurant, in the lounge, and at the park – and this really brought me closer to both women. By 7 pm, I was exhausted and felt a walk to the top of the water tower would be a great last stop. We could see over the treetops and to the water – a different perspective that was everything that I’d been looking for.

What is your idea of a perfect celebration with friends?


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